Welcome to ArmorShield USA

ArmorShield USA prides itself on its ability to design and manufacture soft and hard armor products.

We have strived to identify those issues that have plagued officers for years and offer simple and well-thought solutions that make the wearing of armor easier than ever before.

ArmorShield USA provides the end user with leading edge technology in soft ballistic armor packages. We are proud to have developed our patented Blunt Trauma System (BTS) which decreases the potential trauma a person receives when taking live fire.

We also provide the option of hard armor insert plates to protect against High Velocity Threat (HVT) ammunition.

ArmorShield USA, LLC has taken the position to sell our ballistic products to Law Enforcement, Military, Government and Security personnel; as well as; civilian personnel contracted with the U.S. or other Cooperating Governments overseas. 

A Civilian purchase of ballistic products other than previously described will be considered based on the circumstances or described need for the product. This would require customer consent to contact the local authorities for a basic background check prior to acceptance of the order.

All sales require documented proof of the end use of the product and may require additional documentation such as but not limited to a State issued picture or Department ID and/or employment verification before completing a sale.